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Every issue of Victorian Times is a treasure-trove of hand-picked, original Victoriana from British and American magazines of the 1800's. You'll find a wealth of ideas on decorating your home or table in the Victorian style, plus delicious recipes (perfect for hosting your own authentic Victorian tea!) and inspiring craft projects and patterns. Plus, enjoy whimsical stories and poetry, beautiful illustrations, pictorial features and rib-tickling cartoons. Taking you from the royal palace to the humble country cottage, every issue brings you a unique, first-hand look at Victorian life. Victorian Times is your ticket to explore - and enjoy - the beautiful, elegant, and ever-changing Victorian world.

  • Go inside the Victorian home - upstairs to visit with the lady of the house, downstairs to discover what life was like as a servant. Be inspired by tips on Victorian furnishings and decor - everything from how to create Victorian-style furniture from packing crates to elegant floral pieces for your home and table.

  • Explore the Victorian world - from palaces to factories, picnics in the park to holidays by the sea. Go beyond England's shores to get a unique Victorian glimpse of America - and the rest of the world! Discover life on an American ranch, a New Zealand homestead, the colonial Canadian prairies.

  • Time for tea? "Authentic" Victorian teas are all the rage these days, so why not host your own with a mouth-watering selection of genuine Victorian tea-cakes, scones and savouries? Every issue of Victorian Times is packed with delicious recipes and tips for seasonable entertaining.

  • Enjoy the beauty and elegance of the Victorian age with craft patterns and projects that are sure to inspire you - along with tips for a host of "forgotten" Victorian crafts such as stained glass painting, repousse and poker work.

  • "Manners maketh man" - and we often make fun of the Victorian obsession with etiquette. Yet as you'll see from some delightful etiquette tips in Victorian Times, much of it makes as much sense today as it did over 100 years ago.

  • Meet the Queen... and her favorite pets! And speaking of pets, you'll meet dozens of delightful Victorian "critters" in these pages- dogs and cats, of course, but also a mongoose, a family of lions, a host of birds with distinctive personalities, and even a stag-beetle!

  • Explore the changing world of the Victorian woman - the Girton girl, the ongoing debate over whether higher education would destroy a woman's delicate faculties, and of course the burning question - should a lady ride a bicycle?

  • Most of all, meet the Victorians... from the artist who discovers he's just not cut out for life on a Texas cattle ranch, to the writer who tries to write an article on London policemen and ends up spending the night in the "nick." Victorian Times brings you a refreshing, entertaining look at Victorian life that you won't find anywhere else.

  • Find out more! Use the links in the box below to access our back issues and find out what's coming up in the months ahead. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified as soon as each issue comes out. Or, get Victorian Times in print every month in our elegant collection, Victorian Times Quarterly (see below)!

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Victorian Times Quarterly

Victorian Times Quarterly is the print edition of Victorian Times. Issued every three months, it contains the complete contents of the preceding three electronic issues. Click a cover to access back issues or learn about forthcoming volumes.

Volume 1
July-September 2014

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Volume 2
October-December 2014

Now Available

Volume 3
January-March 2015

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Volume 4
April-June 2015

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Volume 5
July-September 2015

Now Available

Volume 6
October-December 2015

Now Available

Volume 7
January-March 2016

Now Available

Volume 8
April-June 2016

Now Available

Volume 9
July-September 2016

Now Available

Volume 10
October-December 2016

Now Available

Volume 11
January-March 2017

Now Available

Volume 12
April-June 2017

Now Available

Volume 13
July-September 2017

Now Available

Volume 14
October-December 2017

Now Available

Volume 15
January-March 2018

Volume 16
April-June 2018

Volume 17
July-September 2018

Volume 18
October-December 2018

Volume 19
January-March 2019

Volume 20
April-June 2019

Volume 21
July-September 2019

Volume 22
October-December 2019

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