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Victorian Arts and Crafts: Embroidery and Needlework


Art Needlework, by Helen Marion Burnside
This series ran sporadically in The Girl's Own Paper between 1883 and 1891. In some issues the series ran almost monthly; in others, only one or two articles might appear. The series offers a wide selection of designs and projects, from clothing to draperies.
1883 · 1884 · 1887 · 1888 · 1889 · 1890 · 1891

Applique Work (GOP 1893)
Broderie Pompadour, by Josepha Crane (GOP 1901)
Button-Hole and Satin Stitch (GOP 1881)
Chamois Leather Embroidery and Painting, by Blanche C. Saward (GOP 1892)
Crown Derby Embroidery, by Josepha Crane (GOP 1901)
Dainty Ribbon Embroidery, by Leirion Clifford (GOP 1898)
Diaper Designs for Embroidery, by Fred Miller (GOP 1899)
This has nothing to do with baby nappies. According to Webster's, "Diaper is a fabric with a distinctive pattern - an allover pattern consisting of one or more small repeated units of design (as geometric figures) connecting with one another or growing out of one another with continuously flowing or straight lines, or the surface is wholly occupied by the successive units, the outline of one forming part of the outlines of the adjoining units."
Drawn Work (GOP 1881)
Embroidered Initials (GOP 18932)
Embroidery on Glass-Cloth, by Josepha Crane (GOP 1894)
Embroidery on Net (GOP 1881)
Embroidery with Chenille, by Leirion Clifford (GOP 1899)
Fashionable Embroidery, by Blanche C. Saward (GOP 1887)
Gold Embroidery (GOP 1893)
A Grammar of Embroidery, by Fred Miller (GOP 1881)
How to Do Huckaback Work, by Josepha Crane (GOP 1898)
Knotting, by B.C. Saward (GOP 1883)
The New Lace Applique, by Leirion Clifford (GOP 1895)
New Sequin Embroidery, by Leirion Clifford (GOP 1895)
Nine Useful Stitches, by Josepha Crane (GOP 1896)
Outline Embroidery, by Fred Miller (GOP 1880)
Point de Hongroie, by Leirion Clifford (GOP 1897)
A lovely needlepoint style.
The Revival of Art Needlework and Embroidery, by Florence Sophie Davson (GOP 1900)
Rococo Work, by Josepha Crane (GOP 1897)
Some Embroidery Stitches, by Mrs. J.H. Nicolson Shearman (GOP 1891)
Soutache Embroidery (GOP 1893)
The Use of Feathers in Embroidery (GOP 1898)


Arrasene, or Wool Flowers (GOP 1882)
Interesting method of making a variety of flowers from yarn.
[Bag] For the Guest of a Night, by "Cousin Lil" (GOP 1896)
Convenient Work-Bag, by "Cousin Lil" (GOP 1896)
Centrepiece Embroidery (GOP 1900)
Combined Cushion and Chair Back in Embroidery (GOP 1900)
Cretonne Knick-Knacks, by Josepha Crane (GOP 1898)
Dainty Scent Sachet in Satin (GOP 1899)
An Embroidered Pianoforte Back (GOP 1899)
Fashionable Bags and Their Uses, by B.C. Saward (GOP 1888)
A Folding Screen and a Lampshade (GOP 1897)
Four Useful Articles Made from One Yard of Holland, by Annie Thornley (GOP 1892)
How to Dress Dolls, by Dora Hope (GOP 1880)
How to Make Banners and Flags (GOP 1884)
Linen Bag, by "Cousin Lil" (GOP 1897)
Motto Work-Bag, by "Cousin Lil" (GOP 1897)
The Needlework of Wartime, by Dora de Blaquière (GOP 1900)
A New Idea for Treating a Piano Back, by Fred Miller (GOP 1898)
A New Life for an Old Ball, by Susan Shearman (GOP 1898)
Our Art Needlework Competition (GOP 1899)
Patterns designed for an embroidery competition, with tips on materials and techniques.
An Overtowel in Linen Canvas (GOP 1897)
Pillows and Pillow-Making, by Blanche C. Saward (GOP 1892)
Pincushions, by Blanche C. Saward (GOP 1892)
Rag-Doll-Making, by Blanche C. Saward (GOP 1894)
Screens and How to Make Them, by Dora Hope (GOP 1882)
Small Articles Made with Plush, Satin Sheeting, Satin Merveilleux, and Piece Linen, by Blanche C. Saward (GOP 1883)
[Splasher and Mats] A Pretty Wedding or Birthday Gift, by Annie Thornley (GOP 1894)
Useful Novelties in Fancy Work (GOP 1885)


The Art Needlework of Brittany, by Julie Nörregard (GOP 1891)
Austrian Embroidery, by Blanche C. Saward (GOP 1894)
Bulgarian Embroidery, by Josepha Crane (GOP 1893)
Cyprus and Oriental Embroideries, by Blanche C. Saward (GOP 1894)
Finnish Embroidery (GOP 1901)
An Old French Embroidery (GOP 1897)
Hungarian Embroidery, by Josepha Crane (GOP 1893)
Keltic Embroidery, by Fred Miller (GOP 1898)
Motives from Old Japanese Embroideries for English Needleworkers, by Gleeson White (GOP 1890)
New Parisian Knick-Knacks, by Leirion Clifford (GOP 1896)
Roumanian Work, by Josepha Crane (GOP 1894)


A Chat About Quilts, by Mary Laybourn (GOP 1882)
Patchwork, by Dora de Blaquière (GOP 1880)
A Very Pretty and Inexpensive Quilt (GOP 1889)
A Warm Quilt, by "Cousin Lil" (GOP 1898)

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