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Furnishing the Victorian Home

Anyone wishing to refurbish or restore a Victorian home, or turn their own home into a Victorian masterwork, need look no further than these articles for inspiration and guidance on how to create the perfect Victorian look!


The Drawing Room, by Madame Coralie de Lorraine (GOP 1881)
The Drawing-Room Floor: How I Found It and How I Left It, by Bertha Vaughan Dawes (GOP 1892)
The Girls' New House and How They Furnished It, by Madame Coralie de Lorraine (GOP 1881)
The Girls' Own Bedroom, by Madame Coralie de Lorraine (GOP 1880)
The Girls' Own Snuggery, by Bertha Vaughan Dawes (GOP 1893)
How to make even a small room beautiful, at minimal expense.
The Girls' Own Entrance Hall and Staircase, by Madame Coralie de Lorraine (GOP 1880)
How the Girls Arrayed Their Sitting-Room, by Madame Coralie de Lorraine (GOP 1880)
How to Decorate a Girl's Sitting Room, by Fred Miller (GOP 1887)
How to Furnish a Drawing Room for 18 Guineas, by Florence Caddy (GOP 1891)
How We Furnished Our First Home for 150, by E.H. Pitcairn (GOP 1898)
Well-illustrated with many photos, and containing detailed budgets.
"My Room" Competition Prize Winners (GOP 1898)
Readers describe their favorite room.
Our Schoolroom, by Mrs. J. Nicholson Shearman (GOP 1892)
Our Seaside Cottage, and How We Built It, by James and Nanette Mason (GOP 1893)
"The Prophet's Chamber" (GOP 1901)
Furnishing a guestroom.
"Glorified" Workmen's Dwellings (GOP 1898)
How to furnish even the meanest of dwellings.


A Corner Cupboard (GOP 1902)
A Corner Dressing Table (GOP 1895)
A Hanging Cupboard with Decorated Panel, by Fred Miller (GOP 1902)
A Home-Made Shower Bath (GOP 1893)
How to Contrive and Decorate a Coffer or Linen Press (GOP 1899)
How to Form a Small Library, by James Mason (GOP 1881)
Includes a follow-on letter from a reader who used the article to form her own "small library."
How to Make a Japanese Cabinet, by Pamela Bullock (GOP 1897)
Pretty Yet Inexpensive Furniture (GOP 1902)
A Remodeled Wardrobe (GOP 1894)
Screens with Shelves: How to Make and Decorate Them, by Fred Miller (GOP 1902)
Some Home-Made Effects (GOP 1895)
A Table with Cotton-Reel Legs, by "Cousin Lil" (GOP 1896)
How to create a table from a tray and a bunch of wooden spools.
A Use for Old Pianos (GOP 1892)
What to Do With a Butter Tub, by Fred Miller (GOP 1900)
How to turn a butter tub into an attractive pot or planter.


Amateur Upholstering, by Dora de Blaquière (GOP 1893)
Art in Daily Life, by Amy S. Woods (GOP 1893)
"The most comfortable, aye, and the most beautiful homes are those where the love of Art is expounded by the mistress in even the most ordinary occupations of her daily life."
Art in the House, by Fred Miller (GOP 1899)
How to decorate walls and furniture with stencils.
The Empty Grate, and What to Put In It, by M.A. Whitby (GOP 1891)
The Fireplace in Summer, by Dora de Blaquière (GOP 1880)
Hints for Amateur Paperhangers, by Julia Lawrason (GOP 1882)
How to Drape (GOP 1893)
How to Hang China, by Lina Orman Cooper (GOP 1898)
Lampiana: An Idyll of Lamps and Shades, by Dora de Blaquière (GOP 1891)
A look at "modern" oil lamps, how to care for a lamp, and how to make lamp and candle shades.
My Boudoir, by Lady Bloomfield (GOP 1897)
Containing artworks, majolica, marble sculptures and Viennese china figurines, this is probably not representative of the "average" girl's boudoir!
On Gimcracks, by Maud Morison (GOP 1896)
"Take the drawing-room first. Does not the average specimen suggest a fancy bazaar...when we look at its array of rickety little tables, silk draperies, brackets, wall-pockets, screens, photo frames, ornamental crockery, and multiplicity of little pictures on the walls?"
Our Artistic Home (GOP 1896)
Screens for Fireplaces, by Blanche C. Saward (GOP 1883)
A Simple Method of Window Decoration, by Blanche C. Saward (GOP 1892)
Table Decorations (GOP 1887)


Flower Decorations, by Constance Jacob (GOP 1892)
Flowers in the House (GOP 1880)
Some Secrets About Flowers, by S. Ballard (GOP 1898)
A Water Bouquet, by Lady Hope (GOP 1884)
How to create a bouquet in water in a sealed container that will last for up to a month.

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