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Victorian Travel: Europe

In Victorian times, a trip abroad -- especially the "Grand Tour" -- could last as long as a year. It would certainly take many months. It was also well beyond the reach of all but the most affluent, which is perhaps why most Victorian travel articles are more along the lines of "this is what I did and saw" rather than today's "this is what you can do." Travel articles enabled the non-traveling reader to see and experience a location from the comfort of their armchair, and thus were often beautifully illustrated with exquisite drawings and engravings. Often, too, these illustrations depict buildings and vistas that no longer exist, or that can no longer be seen as they once were - so Victorian travel articles provide a marvelous visual window to the world of the past.


About Some Normandy Dairies, by Lady Georgina Vernon (GOP 1899)
Carcassonne, by May Crommelin (GOP 1893)
A Girls' Tour in Brittany (GOP 1889)
Housekeeping in France (GOP 1897)
A Ladies' Studio - Paris (GOP 1891)
On training in a Parisian art studio.
Our Holiday in Quimper (GOP 1884)
On Pottery-Making, by Gertrude Harraden (GOP 1897)
A visit to a pottery workshop on the French Riviera.
Two Lady Alpine Climbers, by Edward Whymper (GOP 1886)
Mrs. F. Burnaby and Miss Lucy Walker, alpine climbers.
A Week in Paris for Six Pounds, by Evelyn Upton (GOP 1890)


The Castle of Clêve and "The Magic Swan", by H.W. Brewer (GOP 1890)
In Hohenloh Land, by Eleonore D'Esterre Keeling (GOP 1897)
The Passion Play at Ober-Ammergau, by F.W. Newland (GOP 1900)
Toydonia, or, The Land of Toys, by Emma Brewer (GOP 1885)Germany
Visits to toy factories throughout Europe, but primarily in Germany.


The Campo Santo at Pisa (GOP 1889)
An Alpine Paradise (GOP 1896)
Madonna di Campiglio, an "immense hotel" in the midst of the Alps.
A Honeymoon in Venice (GOP 1902)
Housekeeping in Florence (GOP 1897)
How Professional People Can Live in Rome, by Constance Helen Alexander (GOP 1897)
In the Tyrol: The Suldenthal by Anne Mercier (GOP 1898)
My Adventures on a Snow-Capped Mountain (GOP 1897)
My Musical Training; or, What I Did with 100 Pounds, by Anna Williams (GOP 1888)
A student's account of her musical training in Italy.
On the Italian Riviera - Ospedaletti (GOP 1890)
Our Tour in North Italy, by Two London Bachelors (GOP 1887-1888)
Student Life in Florence (GOP 1897)


A Holiday in Norway, by John Francis Brewer (GOP 1888)
How to Visit Norway, by the Rev. Thomas B. Willson (GOP 1900)
In the Nordland, by Thomas B. Willson (GOP 1891)
Our Tour in Norway:The Diary of Two London Girls (GOP 1885)
At St. Olaf's Bad (GOP 1888)
"The Experiences of Two Englishwomen in Norway."
A Visit to a Peaceful Town [Malde], by the Countess of Meath (GOP 1892)


Madeira in March (GOP 1894)
The Maiden's Bell (GOP 1896)
Account of a bell-ringing custom in the town of Sabinan.
Toledo: The Sheffield of Spain, by Fred Hastings (GOP 1897)
Under the Shadow of Cintra, by the Rev. Frederick Hastings (GOP 1897)


Housekeeping on the Alps, by Susan Carpenter (GOP 1895)
How Two Girls Attempted the Breithorn, by One of Them (GOP 1887)
Letters from Sunny Switzerland, by Teresa Tschopp (GOP 1900)
"Life in a Swiss Village: A Series of Rural Pictures."
Our Girls in Switzerland, by Josepha Crane (GOP 1896)

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