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World Peoples & Cultures Through Victorian Eyes

Victorian articles about other peoples, races and cultures run the gamut, from portraying such cultures as "benighted pagan savages" to far more enlightened, open-minded fare. The tone of an article often depended upon its purpose; a journal written by a traveler who spent considerable time in a foreign land, immersed in its culture, would be far different from a piece attempting to attract missionaries or donations to alleviate a culture's (often very real) troubles. While Victorians are noted for a decidedly non-politically correct view of the rest of the world, one sees a steady improvement in attitude over time -- which quite probably corresponds with the increased ease with which writers could actually visit other countries and cultures.


The Ornaments Worn in Many Lands, by Ruth Lamb (GOP 1884, 1887)
Salutations, by T.F. Thiselton Dyer (GOP 1887)
A look at salutations around the world.
Wedding Gifts, by William Cowan (GOP 1892)
A look at traditional wedding gifts in various countries.


The Saltner, or, Watcher in the Vineyards, Tyrol, by Dora de Blaquière (GOP 1901)
A Wedding in Istria, by A.H. Wall (GOP 1882)

Belgian Girls, by Darley Dale (GOP 1884)
The Head-Dress of the Ladies of Holland (GOP 1899)

Christmas in a French Boarding School (GOP 1887)
The Carved Woodwork of Brittany, by Helen Marion Burnside (GOP 1891)
Corsican Maidens, Manners and Mysteries (GOP 1896)
French Girls, by Anne Beale (GOP 1884)
French Girls in London, by Anne Beale (GOP 1894)
French Girls and Their Mothers, by Isabel Robson (GOP 1891)
French School-Girls (GOP 1881)
How French Girls Are Employed, by Helen Zimmern (GOP 1892)
In a French Nobleman's Family, by The Governess (GOP 1896)

Christmas in the German Fatherland (GOP 1887)
First Impressions of a German Girl in England, and Notes on Girl-Life in Germany (GOP 1882)
A German Nuptial Eve (GOP 1887)
German Women: Their Infancy, Girlhood and Married Life, by the Countess A. Von Bothmer (GOP 1890)
Girl-Life in the Black Forest, (GOP 1885)
Girl-Life in Germany, by Emma Brewer (GOP 1884)
Life in a German Country Parish (GOP 1882)

The Girls of Greece, by Isabella Fyvie Mayo (GOP 1897)
Greek Peasant Girls, and How They Live, by Mary Hayden and Lilian Greene (GOP 1892)

Christmas Day Festivities in Italy (GOP 1897)
Christmas in Italy (GOP 1887)
Girl-Life in Italy (GOP 1885)
Gondolas, by Helen Zimmern (GOP 1895)
The Learned Ladies of Bologna (GOP 1880)
A look at the university in Bologna, which was traditionally open to women students long before this became a possibility in Britain.
Popular Christmas Festivities in Naples (GOP 1896)

Easter in Little Russia, by Erica Glenton (GOP 1894)
Eastertide in Russia, by the Rev. W. Durban (GOP 1902)
Girl Life in Russia, by F. Toulman Smith (GOP 1885)
A Peep at Schoolgirls in Eastern Siberia (GOP 1882)

Courtship in Sweden, by Peveril (GOP 1892)
Girl-Life, Now and Twenty Years Ago, in Norway (GOP 1901)
Lapp Girls (GOP 1888)
Life at a Swedish Farm, by Peveril (GOP 1892)
Norwegian Girls, by Fru Alhed Schou (GOP 1886)
Some Norwegian Characteristics, by the Rev. Thomas Willson (GOP 1887)
Ragnhild: A Story of Norwegian Peasant Life, by Fru Alhed Schou (GOP 1890)
Reminiscences of Norway, by Dora de Blaquière (GOP 1895)
A review/overview of a London museum exhibition of Norwegian artifacts.
Swedish Girls, by Anne Beale (GOP 1884)
Women in Finland (GOP 1896)

The Courtship and Marriage Customs of Spain (GOP 1894)
Spain and Spanish Girls, by Annie Bentley (GOP 1886)

Smuggling by Dogs Between Switzerland and Italy (GOP 1886)
Swiss Children's Winter Sports (GOP 1901)
Swiss Girls from an English Girl's Standpoint (GOP 1901)


Chinese and French (GOP 1880)
Girls' Work in the Mission Field, by Mary Selwood (GOP 1882)
A look at life in India and China, and "how we favoured Englishwomen can help these poor unhappy sisters of ours" in each country.
Mongolian Girls, by the Rev. James Gilmour (GOP 1885)
Peculiarities of the Chinese (GOP 1880)
A Wedding in China, by A.H. Wall (GOP 1881)

How the Japanese Arrange Flowers for Decoration, by Helen Zimmern (GOP 1892)
The Japanese Fan, by Nancy Gleeson White (GOP 1894)
Japanese Girls, by Darley Dale (GOP 1890)
A Peep in Japan (GOP 1880)
Tea-Gardens and Tea-Temples in Japan, by Douglas Sladen (GOP 1902)


Child-Wives, by Emily Dibdin (GOP 1901)
The unhappy fate of child brides (and child widows) in India.
Girl Life in India, by a Zenana Missionary (GOP 1885)
Girls' Work in the Mission Field, by Mary Selwood (GOP 1882)
A look at life in India and China, and "how we favoured Englishwomen can help these poor unhappy sisters of ours" in each country.
Hindu Women (GOP 1880)
The Kyah and His Cow, by M.E. Cawley (GOP 1895)
A story from India.
Ladies' Maids of the East, by L. Pierson (GOP 1896)
On the ayahs of India.
Medical Women for India, by Frances Hoggan, MD (GOP 1884)
On the need for female doctors, and training for women in medicine, in India, where most women were precluded from visiting male doctors. Interesting sidelight on the evolution of medical training for women in general.


The Arab Girls of Algiers, by E.F. Bridell-Fox (GOP 1887)
An Armenian Girl's Betrothal and Marriage (GOP 1883)
The Berbers of Kabylia (GOP 1891)
Medicine Among the Arabs, by R.A. Finn (GOP 1894)
A Wedding in Egypt, by A.H. Wall (GOP 1881)


A Girl's High School in West Africa, by the Right Rev. Bishop Johnson (GOP 1901)


A Potlatch, by Mrs. Jerome Mercier (GOP 1902)


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